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For Redheads And Redheaded Afficionados [entries|friends|calendar]
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[10 Oct 2012|11:46pm]

On a family vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC.  The first couple of days were cloudy and cool, perfect for the quick-burning sort of natural redheads (am i right, or am i right?).  Day three and the sun came out.  I tried to be a good sport and smile for some pics

3 picsCollapse )
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Contemplating Hibernation. [27 Feb 2012|08:55am]

Does anyone still use this community, or should I shut it down/freeze any future activity?
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New to Redheads community [24 Nov 2011|11:53pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hello redheads!! I too am a redhead! I actually redyed my hair the day before yesterday, it is RED again!! Hooray!!!!!!!! Nice to meet you all =) I'm excited to be apart of this community, have a great Thanksgiving!!!!

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Halloween Costume [31 Oct 2011|02:06pm]

My hair is not quite brick red... ;)

I'll huff and I'll puff...Collapse )
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Hi! I'm a redhead! [10 Oct 2011|08:55pm]

Hey fellow redheads! I'm Cat, just recently joined this community. I have naturally red hair! For the ladies of this group, what products do you use to keep your color vibrant (dyed OR natural color)? Personally I am a big fan of John Frieda color glaze for redheads. Really makes my color pop! Nice to meet you all! xoxo

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Picture Heavy Joining Post ;) [09 Oct 2011|06:21pm]

I am a recent redhead, been black for a year now. I have been red before, as well as about every color imaginable. So, here's me!
excuse my middle finger lol, WARNING: THERE ARE LIKE 10 PICS UNDER HERE.
my hair nowCollapse )
red hair beforeCollapse )
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New here, couple of photos~ [08 Oct 2011|12:33pm]

[ mood | sick ]

Earlier this year I finally managed to get a lighter shade of red (all the local shops only stocked dark red 'til recently), I love it! ♥

One more under the cut~Collapse )

Definitely going to be keeping it like this for a while. =3

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New Picture_ [15 Mar 2011|09:10am]

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New color! :D [03 Mar 2011|07:40pm]

Wanna see my new color? :DCollapse )
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Bleaching and Dying Red [05 Feb 2011|01:44pm]

Hey there!  I have never ever EVER bleached, dyed, or otherwise abused my hair.  Until last night.  I've been snowed in since Monday, and got a bit bored, so i pulled out the box of Splat, Blue Envy (bleach and dye in one box) that i've had since Halloween and hadn't yet gathered the courage.  Well--courage gathered.  I only did the bleach step, because it was a big enough change on its own, and i wanted to get used to it being different at all before i went different and fun :)  Also, i figure the more time between chemicals, the better.
PicsCollapse )
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To fill up your FList with more redhead pictures... [02 Jan 2011|08:50pm]

My husband took a picture of me in the snow over Thanksgiving break...

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Red Braids! [02 Jan 2011|07:49pm]

Just a few of me. I recently put in pixie braids and have been playing with getting my dreads back.

Transmute!!Collapse )

Hope everyone has a beautiful 2011 full of fabulous hair!
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So Many REDHEADS at one party!!! [29 Nov 2010|12:47pm]

[ mood | amused ]


This was actually a failed project to try and get the Gingers to breed. All they did was drink a bunch of beer and whiskey instead. Hhmmm...What does that say about those in possession of Ginger Gene? ;oP

I am the one in the bottom left corner, and my partner is the one with the huge red 'fro & beard!

And yes, we get asked by people (even complete strangers) if we plan on breeding all the time LOL!

x-posted m'dears!
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Goldilocks [29 Oct 2010|10:40pm]

My finished hair (and costume):

under here!Collapse )
I'll call it a success!

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Halloween process [29 Oct 2010|01:36pm]

I just finished a multi-hour process of putting my waist length hair into pin curls....

2 picturesCollapse )

I'll post later tonight of how it turns out with my costume!
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Henna review and mini-tutorial: [25 Oct 2010|10:12pm]

Hello!  I just found this community through longhair, and I thought that I might cross post and entry I made a while ago in no_poo.


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[25 Oct 2010|11:31pm]

Redhead with a GunCollapse )

x-posted to longhair and my own journal
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redheads [21 Sep 2010|09:07pm]


me and my little girl both redheads <3

me & the boyfriend <3

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Looking for Halloween advice [12 Sep 2010|05:24pm]

I'm planning on going as Goldilocks for Halloween with my husband and two little boys as the three bears...

What color should I make my dress?

My hair is a fairly orangy red, more golden in the sunlight, but there won't be much sunlight Halloween night :-p

picturesCollapse )

I turn to you, fellow redheads!

EDIT: I just googled goldilocks costumes, which I hadn't done before because (as I expected) all the adult ones were 'sexy' style--not what I'm going for at all, and 95% of them are yellow, with the other 5% blue...
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[10 Aug 2010|10:09pm]

Hello! It's been forever since I've been here. It's nice to see the place (somewhat) picking back up again.

I come here with an unusual question. I have decided to be Jessica Rabbit for Halloween this year, but I have been unable to find a suitable dress. A lot of them are overpriced for the quality or they look too "costumey." My main problem, though, is that most pre-made Halloween costumes seem to be made for an average height of 5'4". I'm 5'11".

So, since this is a community teeming with attractive redheads, I thought some of you may have attempted this costume before. Where did you get your costume? How did you like it? Or, even better, has anyone made a Jessica Rabbit dress before? I'm an intermediate sewer and I'm thinking of tackling it. I think with a bit of spirit gum and steel corset boning I can make it work. But it'd be great to get tips from those with experience.

And, so it's not text-only, a photoCollapse )
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